Sixteen months ago, Keri Ruf of the PENTA Hearing Care office in Wayne, NJ, helped my then 91 year old mother to regain her hearing. We would say that Keri gave Mom a new set of “ears”. They have performed flawlessly and were not difficult for a 91 year old to use. Mom liked the remote control that adjusted both the volume and the equalizer settings, but she especially liked the wireless television link. It allowed her to hear all the TV sounds and clearly understand what was being said. If I boosted the broadcast range a bit, she could even listen in the other rooms of the house.


I’m sorry to say that my mother passed away just before this past Christmas, but I am very happy to say that we were able to let her hear the rich sounds of life with her new “ears” for a little while longer.


Yours Truly

Chris S.
Wayne, New Jersey